An online game playable through a computer network .

The expansion of online gaming like doodle God Play online has reflected the expansion of computer networks and even the Internet. Online games can incorporate simple writing games to complete and detailed games, in which several players meet simultaneously ( multiplayer games ). Many online games have become virtual communities , transforming solo games into a social activity.

The growing popularity of Flash and Java leads to a revolution on the Internet when Internet users realize that they can access videos , streaming music and a large number of new activities. With the rise of interactivity and connection quality, sites could offer players access to free and non-free network games.

Some multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft , Final Fantasy XI and Lineage II are available through a monthly subscription fee, while other games like Guild Wars or Farmerama , offer free access 1 . Some sites are paid for by exposing their sponsors online, while others, such as RuneScape , prefer to let players play for free while adding paid content to subscribers.
Online games are playable through certain types of computer networks , such as currently Internet . One advantage of online gambling is to connect players to multiplayer games. A second benefit is that a large percentage of games do not require payment
The development of technologies of the World Wide Web , initially allowed the development of simple games based on HTML and JavaScript , usable through a web browser .

The development of browser extensions, such as Flash , Java or Shockwave has allowed for more complex games. Many of the first games in the history of video games ( Pacman , Pong …) have been recreated. They are objects of rapid consumption, the duration of use not exceeding a few minutes [ref. necessary] . The use of vector graphics allows these technologies to reduce the loading time. These games are not usually multiplayer, but they can share with all players certain elements, typically a high score .

A large number of massively multiplayer browser games have been created (role play, strategy game, management game , virtual breeding), and by technology, they correspond to a particular genre, and use a gameplay based on the turn per turn.

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