You know the story of Good Friday. A man is in a garden. It’s night time. And one called Judas comes in search of him, seemingly to betray him. He comes into the garden, and it’s dark, so he asks the simple question, “Where is Jesus?” Then the voice in the dark answered, “I AM HE.” We are told in the story they all fell to the ground. When they regained their composure they asked the same question, “Where is Jesus?” Again the voice answered, “I have told you that I AM HE.” This time Judas kisses him and the voice said to him, “Now that you have found me, let all else go, but do not let Me go, and what you have to do, do quickly.” Then Judas goes out and commits suicide.

Now when you read the story you might think that that drama took place in a garden. No. That drama must TAKE place in the mind of man. For this is all about re-birth. I t takes a man, a normal man, a man of sense, but hidden in that man and bound hand and foot is the second man that rebirth loosens and lifts up, and that second man is God. So the mystery is all self, and he uses the word “mystery” no less than 18 times. He asked those in the Corinthians to esteem him as a steward of mystery. Then he said, “Great is the mystery, God was manifest in the flesh.” Then he spoke of the greatest of all mysteries, the one hidden from the foundation of the world, “Christ in you is the hope of glory.” Christ IN man. Not Christ in the pages of history, but God IN man must be awakened, and this is the technique by which he is awakened.

Now come closely with me and let me take you into the garden of your own mind. Right now just imagine you are in a sick room of some wonderful hospital, a ward. You see the case history. You heard the verdict of the doctor, and the man, seemingly, is dying. What would save that man from such a verdict? What would save him? A state of health by which he would rise from that bed and become a normal, healthy person in this world; that would save him. Now, look into your mind’s eye and define carefully the solution of a particular problem. When you define the solution to the problem, do you know what you are actually seeing? You are seeing Jesus, for Jesus means “to save.” So the state that would save that man from what he is, is the state of health. That is his savior.

The story is, “Now that you have found ME, let all else go, but do not let ME go.” In other words, let go of everything you have ever believed, but do not let go of this concept — that the man is well in spite of the evidence of your senses to the contrary. No matter what reason dictates, you hold onto Jesus, Jesus being that the man is healthy. You hold onto it, and you touch it by becoming intensely aware of it; that’s the only way to touch a thing.

Let me tell you of something that happened only last Friday. I have a friend in this City who I met recently and he gave me a very sad story. He was up against it. He had borrowed money, and he can’t pay it back. Things are just going from bad to worse. While shaving… you don’t have to go into some church to find Him… while shaving, I thought of him and I instantly, while in the act of shaving, imagined I was speaking to my wife, and I said to her, “Isn’t it wonderful, the good news concerning George.” Then I allowed her, in my imagination, to say, “Yes, isn’t it wonderful.” Three hours later, he called me to tell me it’s so good he doesn’t know what, really, to take. He said that in the immediate present two, wonderful jobs are offered to him. Jobs he can do and do well. Both are great and he doesn’t know which one to take. Now he has another problem. I will now assume that he has taken the right one, the best one, and I know that in the immediate future, George will again call me and tell me that, on reflection, he could not have chosen more wisely.

So, you look into your own mind’s eye and know exactly what you want in this world. When you know what you want in place of what you are, then you are seeing your savior, your Jesus. The story is, don’t let Him go, but let all else go. Disengage yourself from the whole vast belief that you formerly entertained, and hold on in your imagination to the concept that you ARE the man that you want to be. That will lead you toward Calvary. Calvary means fixing in your own mind’s eye that state, and that will lead towards Easter or this wonderful day that we speak of as the Resurrection. For you will resurrect and make alive the state that began only as a concept. If you remain faithful to the concept you will be led right into the fulfillment of that state. It is called, in the Bible, re-birth.

Now here is the story. He said, “Except you be born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” The wise man said, “How is it possible a man my age may once again enter my mother’s womb and be born again?” He said, “You, a master of Israel and you do not know? Except you be born of water and the spirit, ye can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.” Then he gives this clue, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up.” …As Moses lifted up the serpent… do you think a man lifted up a brazen serpent as told in the story and that everyone who looked on it was instantly healed and those who would not look were not cured? It’s not any serpent. A serpent is a symbol of the power of endless self-reproduction. For the serpent sheds its skin, and yet does not die. Man must be like the serpent, who grows and outgrows. So I must now learn the art of dying that I may live, rather than, I would say killing that I may survive. I die, by laying down all that I now believe, and I lift myself up to the belief that I am what I want to be. That’s how I do it.

Now this is how a man is born of water and of the spirit. If I told you now that an assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact, that is a truth, that is water. But water is not enough. You must catch the spirit of it and apply that truth. Well, if I know that if I assume that I am the man I want to be and persist in that assumption, I would gradually become that. If I have that knowledge, that’s marvelous. But not to DO it is to try to bring this being to birth by water only. We are told this is the one who came by water and the blood. Not by water only, but by water and the blood. In other words, I have the knowledge, but I cannot bring to birth my ideal by bare knowledge. I must put it into action, I must DO it. Then when I DO it, I take my savior and I crystallize him by the doing. This is the story of our wonderful Easter. for Jumma Mubarak Quotes click here

Today, our churches are bursting with new finery, but not bursting with new men, and we are told in the story, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Put on the New Man.” Well, how will I put on a New Man? It’s like saying to the boy, put on manhood, or saying to the tree, put on foliage. It comes from within, out and man puts it on from the outside. You can’t put it on from the outside, for He is within you. For great is the mystery. The one hidden from the foundation of the earth, Christ in YOU is the hope of glory. Not some Christ external to yourself, but the one in you, that is your hope; that is your only glory.

So, the great mystery is that at Bethlehem God became as we are that at Calvary we may become as He is. And Calvary is the opportunity that comes very day in the life of a man. When you walk the earth and you see anyone in need, ask yourself what would be the solution to that individual’s problem, just what would it be? You can grant it. If you know who you REALLY are, you can grant it.

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