Bollywood Parks by Dubai Parks and Resorts

Bollywood Parks at Dubai Parks and Resorts is the first and only Bollywood theme park and encompasses five zones within the park itself.

You can enjoy all of the amazing rides and attractions themed around the mega popular Bollywood films here at Dubai Parks and Resort.

The Park is divided up into five different parts, these are:

  • Bollywood Boulevard
  • Mumbai Chowk
  • Rustic Ravine
  • Royal Plaza
  • Bollywood Film Studios

Take a journey through each of the zones and get your cultural fill from Bollywood Parks at Dubai Parks and Resorts.

After a day out here with the kids, I think you’d certainly deserve some time alone on the many amazing golf courses in Dubai.

Bollywood Boulevard

Your first introduction to Bollywood Parks will be Bollywood Boulevard, this amazing taste of India will give you access to some of the most amazing cafes you’ll have seen in years.  You can sit down at the Rock On!! Restaurant and enjoy some authentic dishes with a lovely drink and watch live entertainment from Magik from your comfortable seat.  You can experience Western and Hindi fusion songs in this spectacular bar or you can opt to watch the Crossroads Stage, where a journey through the ages of Bollywood cinema is on display.

Royal Plaza

Welcome to the Royal Plaza.  Here you’ll find the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen, the Raj Mahal.  A scaled down exact replica of the Taj Mahal with a huge theatre inside.  The world’s very first Broadway-Bollywood fusion will be happening at the Raj Mahal and this musical spectacle will be witnessed by the 856 seats inside.

Also at the Royal Plaza is the Mughal-e-Azam restaurant, where you can feel like royalty as you eat amazing cooked dishes.

Mumbai Chowk

Mumbai Chowk at Dubai Parks and Resorts is one of the best Bollywood hubs for eating, drinking, dancing, partying and shopping.  You can sit and watch the dance shows, comedy acts and more, it’ll be a perfect day out for the entire family.  Find plenty of food to eat at Mumbai Chowk.

Rustic Ravine

If you want to get a feel of rural India, you can head down to Rustic Ravine to be treated to an amazing and well-designed area here.  You can take part in the action of Dabangg, Lagaan and Sholay, Champaner Cricket Carnival with Lagaan or, maybe, you’d rather watch the Dabangg Stunt Spectacular Show.  There’s also the Thrill of Victory and the hunt for Gabbar Singh with Sholay.  A traditional take on this new style park.

Bollywood Film Studios

Bollywood Film Studios is an excellent behind the scenes peek at how Bollywood movies are made and the amazing editing magic that goes into these spectacles.  You can enjoy the RA.One: Unleased 4D cinema experience or Krrish: Hero’s Flight to really feel like you’re part of the action.

Finally, take part in the workshops to enjoy an integration into your favourite movies and learn how to dance like a real Bollywood super star.

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