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Promised thing, thing due! After my article on vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics, I’ll be back to reveal some of the make-up products I use. You surely know that I attach great importance to the fact that they are vegan, untested and if possible natural and organic. Today I present you 3 favorite brands:

April Beauty

The products of this Ecocert certified brand are untested. Avril sells well in China, but only in Hong-Kong where the legislation does not require them to test (see the map of their points of sale ). But beware, everything is not vegan! Some products contain beeswaxes such as eye pencils, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Fortunately, to help us, the brand has created a list of their products exclusively vegan, handy to navigate and order with your eyes closed.

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Liquid foundation light tint

This foundation is very pleasant to work because it melts easily into the skin and does not demarcate, do not spin in the folds. I apply it with the help of a beauty blender. I was a little afraid of the color because having a very light skin, the foundations are often too dark or too orange for me. But the hue is perfect! I think it gives a very natural and bright rendering. Only downside: it may not be suitable for skin imperfections that need a lot of coverage. I do not care about that side, so I am very satisfied. It unifies the complexion and gives radiance, without the effect “mask” that I do not like.

Compact powder porcelain dye

I use this powder very little because the rendering of liquid foundation is quite satisfactory not to require dusting over it. However, when I do photo shoots, I apply it with a brush on the whole of my face: I appreciate its matte side. Again, the result is very natural and the powder does not run in the folds. The hue is perfect for me, it happens that I use it only as anti-dark circles.

Porcelain concealer

I have a more mixed opinion about this concealer. The color is always perfect but the product is quite thick and therefore difficult to apply. On the other hand, he has excellent coverage. I also reserve for photo shoots but do not use it on a daily basis.

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Pink pearly blush

This blush is very pretty and rather discreet. I apply it on my cheekbones with a brush. It is slightly pearly and a fairly light pink, perfect for pale skin like mine. If you have a darker skin I really advise you to choose another shade because it would be too discreet.

Smoky eyeshadow palette

This palette, I’m crazy! Composed of six eyeshadow, it allows realizing the famous “smoky eyes”. I mostly use the iridescent white, plum and black make-up, which is perfect for my green eyes. The pigmentation is good and makeup works very well (no problem to fade with a brush). The brand also offers another palette of nude makeup that I find very pretty.

In conclusion: I greatly appreciate this brand because the quality is there and yet the prices may be suitable for small budgets. The packaging is very pretty and sturdy enough to carry her makeup with you. Last plus point: the organic certification.

Ivory concealer brush

A big favorite for this corrector perfectly adapted to my skin color. I love the system: you have to turn the bottom of the tube to have the chosen dose that comes out through the bristles (synthetic) brush. Then, we apply product points to the desired area, we tap and then fade. I use it on my dark circles and I really like its fluid texture and its natural and luminous rendering. It can also be used to hide imperfections. Finding this kind of original stuff such a difficult task but now we have made it easy for you to view the list of best cruelty-free concealer available at very cheap rates with the best quality. After reading the review on that site I could easily say they serve the best makeup products online.

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Too Faced

This well-known brand does not test on animals and does not sell in China. She is certified by Peta. More than thirty of their products are vegan, they are also listed on their faq page (see question n ° 7). Even their brushes are vegan! The quality of the products (pigmentation, packaging …) is pretty crazy but the price is rather high. Almost all of them are made of beeswax and when they are not, they are usually not very effective. It really lengthens the eyelashes without making a package, it does not run. The first layer is already impressive; the second gives a false eyelash effect. I also appreciate the fact of being able to buy it in the shop (at Sephora) rather than order it over the internet and pay shipping costs

Caramel color

This brand of organic makeup has a great deal of controversy among vegans. Some say it tests, others not … So, cruelty-free or not? Well, yeah! Admittedly, the brand sells well in China but it only in Hong Kong and via the Internet, not in a physical store, therefore, the tests are not mandatory. This brand is also listed on the cf list of the blog My life without cruelty, a reference in the field. You can find all the explanations of the mark in this father are extremely clear. Let it be said once and for all, Couleur Caramel does not test! Of course, not all of their products are vegan, some contain carmine for example. But do not panic, the site offers a very clear signage that allows you to navigate. A small green logo ”  Vegan  ” is present whenever a product does not contain animal substances.

Organic  black eyeliner

This eyeliner is a very nice discovery! It has excellent pigmentation (intense black) and is formulated with water instead of the usual solvents, very aggressive for the fragile skin around the eye. It has a very fine brush tip that allows you to draw a discreet and pretty line. I would have only appreciated that this brush is a little longer, I find it quite short. But we quickly take the hand! It holds without problems all day.

Matted sunburnt powder

This powder is, unfortunately, a little too orange for me, I should have chosen another shade. But I found him another use! It serves as eyeshadow, to define the eyelid hollow or fade a Smokey nude eye. She is really pretty and well pigmented.

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