Show a Woman She is Important

Do you have someone special in mind? Would you like to strengthen the relationship you have with that lady that is part of your life? There are several ways to show a woman that is important to you. However, some people prefer or “speak” different languages: some need to hear words, others need affection and physical contact, and others like to receive gifts or even to give them time. No matter how you show it, make sure your lady has no doubt that you love her.

Method 01

Show her love with words

Make compliments. One way people feel loved is through verbal expression and meaningful words. The compliments are definitely in this category, so try to make compliments to your lady. Choose a quality that you totally like about it and transform it into words. You can also make a more general compliment by saying something like “You’re completely wonderful.”

  • Tell her how much you love her, and how much you yearn for her every day or several times a day.
  • You can do some compliments such as “How could I be lucky to have you in my life?” “Nobody could make me as happy as you!” Or “You’re so smart.”
  • It can also be helpful to make compliments on your physical appearance and how adorable you think it is. Try telling her that you love her eyes, her nose or all of her. You can say “Sometimes, I can not take my eyes off you.”
  • Do not compare it with other people, unless it is in a positive way. For example, if you are watching a movie, instead of saying “Sometimes you look like Angelina Jolie“, say “You are much more attractive than Angelina Jolie”.

Encourage her Expressing your love with words includes making affirmations, so encourage her to feel loved and appreciated, and to show her that you want her to mature. All this will show you your love with the help of

  • Encourage her in a sweet way to do what she loves. Let’s say that she loves photography and sends her work to participate in a competition, but they do not select it. If this happens, express your support by saying, for example, “You did not succeed this time, but you should try again. I believe in you”.
  • Another way of expressing what you feel may be by saying “You inspire me” or “I am amazed by your creativity (ambition, insight or intelligence)”.
  • Be careful not to transform your mind into overwhelm. When you encourage, you focus on something your loved one wants to do, but when you overwhelm, you focus on something you want him to do.
  • The tone is also very important. Make sure your tone is affectionate and kind; otherwise, you may interpret your feelings in the wrong way.

Tell him you love her. Doing so is obvious to many people; why not tell them you love them? However, it is important to remember that it is very important to express your love with words, since everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated. There are also many ways of saying it besides the usual “I love you”. Be creative!

  • Try it with “I adore you”, “I appreciate you” or “My love for you is unconditional”. Alternatively, you can use a phrase that begins with “You are my treasure”, “You are all for me” or “My heart is yours”.
  • Tell her you miss her when they’re separated. A “I miss you” is good, but also consider saying “I can not stop thinking about you when you’re away”.
  • Depending on her, expressions of affection can also say “I love you” in different conditions. “Dear”, “my beloved”, “my love” and “treasure” will work. There are also several expressions in other languages, such as “mon petit chou” (which in French means “my sweetheart”), “my dear” (in English, “my dear”) or “habibi” (in Arabic, “darling”) .

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Ask your opinion or some idea. Ask him for some advice to show that you trust and respect his opinion. Although it will not be something explicit, whether it is a big or small problem, you will be affirming it with your words in a way that you will appreciate.

  • Ask him ideas actively. You can say “Honey, you’re so good with the colors I want to ask you, what do you think looks better here, red or blue?”
  • Every time I speak to you, make an effort to see her in the eyes to show her that you are paying attention to her. Ask him questions too. Actively participate instead of passively listening.
  • If you have not understood what he told you, tell him instead of following the game. This will show you that you are listening and that you want to understand what it says.

Method 02

Demonstrate love with “acts of service”

Help at home. Another way in which a person feels loved is through “acts of service”, which basically means feeling support in their daily lives. It can be helping with chores, doing housework, cooking or cleaning. If you speak in this language, you can start by helping at home.

  • If domestic chores have been divided equally, help her with her part, especially if she is going through a busy time at school or work.
  • If you have a “traditional” division of work at home, move and help!

Do a good action at random. The acts of service should not always be chores. You can find different ways to show your love; through acts of kindness done at random as well. For example, call her to tell her you love her or take her flowers for no reason.

  • Have you had a stressful week? Do a good deed and prepare something to relax when you get home. Have done the chores, the food ready, soft music and a glass of wine waiting for her. You can also receive it with a bubble bath.
  • The acts of service can also be insignificant. For example, you can buy your favorite lotion when you realize that you no longer have and because you love it.

Attend it. Even if you have already gone through the courtship and dating stage long ago, prepare a surprise or give her gifts just to show her that you care. This also works when you are stressed or at some time in common.

  • Take care of small, random things. Prepare him lunch Do you usually balance the checkbook? Take out the calculator.
  • Plan a surprise exit. Say “I want to show you how much I appreciate everything you do for us, so I’ve planned a special outing.”

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